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The Peruvian Cuisine

Sudado de Pescado

Hotel and Restaurant Valle Verde eco-resort (former hotel Los Capitanes).
The cuisine of Peru is one of the most diverse in the world, as evidenced by the fact that it is one of the countries with the most typical dishes, reaching a level equivalent to Chinese, French and Indian cuisine.

The art from Peruvian cooking finds its roots in the 5000 year old history of the Inca, colonial era, republican era and contemporary.  Chinese – Cantonese, Japanese, Italian and other European emigrants of the 19th and 20th century, brought their influence to the Peruvian cuisine and this will be found in a tastefully combination of flavours.The Peruvian cuisine is worldwide assigned for its variety and quality. All along the Peruvian coast you find more than 2500 different dishes and more than 250 different desserts.

The new administration of the Hotel y Restaurante Valle Verde eco-resort proudly offers a deliciously choice. Typical dishes like: Cevichazo peruano, mixto y de camarones, aji de gallina, jalea de mariscos, lomo saltado, chupe de camarones, parihuela de mariscos, aguadito de mariscos, causa limena, pescado entero a lo macho con  salsa de mariscos, papa a la huancaina and the cazuela de mariscos from the Peruvian coasts. We also offer corvina en salsa de mariscos and a lot more typical dishes in our menu. Taste our creations of Chinese, Japanese – Peruvian dishes:
Arroz chaufa de mariscos, tallarin saltado de pollo, lomo de res y de mariscos etc.

Saltado de Pollo con Arroz

All our dishes will be prepared as you order. Our Peruvian cook uses typical ingredients to bring the full flavor of the authentic Peruvian taste. To refresh, taste the delicious chicha morada de maiz, the Inca – Kola, Pils or the national Cuzquena beer! To drink and celebrate we recommend the traditional Pisco Sour – 100% made of Peruvian grapes!

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